Our Vision

To see the sick and hopeless find healing and hope.

To strive to implement the latest medical and scientific findings into our lifestyle programs.

To ignite the passion to pursue wholeness in a holistic way that will change lives to include next generations.

Our Mission

To bring and preserve true health through lifestyle programs that deal with the underlying causes of disease.

To help restore the body and mind applying natural science.

To educate for a long lasting, fulfilling life.

Members Only Area

Members Only Area

Our Core Values


Believe healing is the power of God in our bodies


Enjoy what we do to create a positive environment


To develop a compassionate heart for those suffering


To execute services with knowledge and excellence

Team Effort

Success comes from helping one another


Practice What We Preach! To be the best model and inspiration we can be for our clients

Listen to Imagine Wellness Centre Success Stories

“…I heard from Dr. J and Imagine Wellness through a postcard I received in my mail. At that point I couldn’t imagine not going to the seminar. I was feeling symptoms of depression, anxiety, weight gain, hair loss, joint pain, muscle pain and everything you can imagine…I have been with Dr. J for 6 months right now and I feel incredible. He had turned my life around. I have done this for myself and my children, and I definitely recommend that you see Dr. J if you are experiencing anything less than the best you have in mind.”

“2 ½ years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis with an RA factor of 23. The medications I took had serious side effects which included memory loss, feeling foggy and a suppressed immune system. Someone recommended Julio Jimenez for food allergy testing. Cutting gluten and the other foods completely out of my diet has reduced my RA factor to 8, my RA symptoms have disappeared and I no longer take RA medications! I feel better than I have felt in 3 years!”

“Hi, I am Alex Coronel, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis four years ago. Within those years it got worse towards the end of it. I was on tons of medications, I basically had no life!…I had bloody stools,…no energy…I couldn’t work and actually ended up moving back with my parents. The doctor that I was seeing gave me a last option of having my colon removed. I did not like that option!

I did research on my own, I started eating healthier, but it was all jumbled and didn’t have a plan… My dad came across an article in the newspaper about Dr. Jimenez’s seminar…we went…I was convinced this is where I needed to be. Within the first week of doing his program I felt better. He had the knowledge and the tools…it was easy to follow. The foods that I was eating and being healthier with, he had it laid out as far as taking tests. I was giving specific foods to avoid…It really helped out, I feel way better that I even did in High School. I’ve done a total 180 as far as my health, mentally and physically. I am out of my parent’s house, I am feeling great. I am able to do these things because Dr. Jimenez and his team…without them I would have had my colon removed reluctantly… I am very grateful and thankful.”

Remote Services

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